5/4/22    Here we are at the start of another year serving our community. Bread orders have faithfully continued to roll in, deliveries are are being made, relationships are fostered and nurtured and  funds accumulate. As a benevolent baker every one of these is important and cannot be done alone. The support that this one-baker-bakery has been shown is overwhelming! How this specialty bread has been used to connect people, teach people, make people smile and support people is nothing short of miraculous...just like the bread itself! We are looking forward to our second year representing sourdough bread and our mission to our community at the Rogers Food Market on the bricks downtown. We look forward to serving you. And always thank you for your support!

So far this summer has been so exciting for BHB! We have been well received with eager customers at the Rogers Farmers Market. Along with the regular bread we stock, we typically have something new to offer to keep things interesting. Slabs of cinnamon raisin bread prepackaged and ready for a breakfast treat are a big hit. We have also tried Cardamom Rolls, Brownies, Blueberry Lemon Muffins all made with sourdough discard and all have been well received. We even offer crunchy or flaky dog biscuits! Currently we are experimenting with Sourdough crackers and raw pizza dough. The possibilities are endless. We are so appreciative for our regular customers and for the ability to teach our community about our benevolent bakery and what our mission is. The responses from our patrons are so supportive!

*BHB has partnered up with Restoration Village located in Little Flock, AR. We have discovered together that there are several different ways we can built each other up. In addition to bread sales and financial donations, we are looking forward to educating those interested at the Village in sourdough bread making, online sales and delivery within our community. This will open up an exciting chapter for Restoration Village as well as BHB!

Each quarter, Big Heart Bread donates the profits from our bread sales to local elementary schools, where the staff disperses funds according to need. Your generous donations help kids and their families by providing winter coats, new shoes, school supplies, or the funds to pay utility bills. 

"I wanted to reach out and let you know I was able to help get three girls physicals for sports tryouts due to your donation. It is so important for them to feel part of their school and choosing activities like this requires an athletic physical which not all families can afford.  I appreciate it so much! I told them how amazing our community is due to people like you."

- McNair Middle School, Fayetteville, AR / March 2021